Our offerings at SJS - open to all SJS families:
Takes place at SJS during the afterschool program

Start Date 9/19/18, no class 11/21/18, End Date 12/12/18

For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 
Start Date 9/20/18, no class 11/22/18, End Date 12/13/18

Tentative PERFORMANCE date 12/16/18, 2 PM
For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 
Start Date 9/21/18, no class 11/23/18, End Date 12/14/18
Tentative PERFORMANCE date 12/16/18, 2 PM
For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 
Grades K3, K4 and K5, 2:30-3:30
Grades 1 and up, 3:30-4:30
If your older child is not in afterschool, but wishes to attend our classes - let me know.  We will work with each situation separately.  There may be a small extra fee, depending on how many older kids stay immediately after school.
Sibling discount applies - if applies to your family - let me know and I'll get you details


Our offerings outside of SJS – open to all
Open to students from any school, takes place at the Eliot School.  Pick up/drop off available within the N End.

Start Date 9/17/18, no class 10/8/18, end date12/10/18 
For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 

For kids in Grades 3 and up , 3:15-4:15 (we gather right at school dismissal time)

If you are interested in joining us this session, follow this link :

Our Fall 2018 performance
For our end of session performance, Sunday, December 16, 2 PM we combine our SJS dance and drama students WITH our students who rehearse at the Eliot into one big production.  

General notes on each offering:
Fitness:  Lead teacher Rebecca Griffin is also a mom of three very active boys.  Becca appreciates the challenges that parents face with teaching our children to live a healthy lifestyle while juggling a busy life. Our goal is to instill some basic understandings of what it means to be fit and fun strategies for staying fit.  Each week we explore a variety of activities that we can do to be fit. Students participate in a number of wicked fun activities including playing with balls, parachute, games of tag, dance games, stretching, and much, much more! 
Drama:  Lead teacher Ingrid Oslund has an impressive resume of all things theatre!  She graduated from Suffolk University with her undergrad, and from Emerson with a Master’s degree in drama.  Each week, Ingrid will be mentoring Sara Kerr and Victoria Isorri in leading the groups in a variety of theatre games and activities. We will perform at the end of the session.   Creativity, confidence, teamwork, audience etiquette, and fun are all things we focus on. 

Dance:  Lead teacher Ingrid Oslund also has an impressive dance resume and has worked with children in Dance in the North End for the past 7+ years.  Ingrid will be mentoring Victoria Isorri in leading the groups each week in several different dances – the styles are Hip Hop, Ballroom basics, and jazz.  We will be performing at the end of the session with the dance classes. 

January 2018
offerings for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

You are my best marketing, please share with your friends and neighbors.

Based directly on feedback from you: 

"Miss Becca, we need something on Tuesdays",

"Miss Becca, we need you to make it so my parents who live really far away, and who just can't possibly relate to city living, can get our child a useful and meaningful gift that doesn't clutter our apartment",

"Miss Becca, we need to be able to drop in to classes.  Sometimes we're sick, sometimes we're travelling, sometimes we just can't get out of the house!",

"Miss Becca, we love your classes, please offer more",

"Miss Becca, we love that we can drop in, it's so convenient, you should charge $20 for drop ins, it's totally worth it"

Thank you for your thoughtful, meaningful, and kind feedback!  From it, we are expanding and improving our offerings for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our line up, January, 2018:
Wicked Smaht Engineering for Kids
WHO:  Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers along with their caregivers
WHAT:  Wicked fun - 2 hours of drop in guided play group with no pressure activities that make your kid smart!
WHEN:  Tuesdays,  9:30, - 11:30 AM (start date:  1/9)
WHERE:  The West End Community Center, One Congress Street, right near Haymarket, and Boston Public Market. 
WHY:  Because it's so much fun!!!!

This drop in guided playgroup will teach thru play.  This guided playtime will have seveal hands on activities that will get your child(ren) creating, and thinking - all while playing and having fun.  You and your child will leave with great ideas and inspiration for playing smaht.

Yoga with Miss Genevieve
WHO:  Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers along with their caregivers
WHAT:  Wicked fun - 30 min long yoga classes
WHEN:  Wednesdays,  9:30, and 10:30 AM (1/3 yoga classes are FREE, 1/10 is beginning of paid classes)
WHERE:  Nazzaro Center, 1st Floor, 30 N Bennet Street  
WHY:  Because it's so much fun!!!!

This 30 minute class will exercise your little one's physical body, and plant the seeds of mindfulness, gratitude, and compassion.  We will exercise, play mindfulness games, learn breathing techniques, foster a lot of fun and enjoy Miss Genevieve's AMAZING voice as she guides the class with music and singing (she is also a trained jazz singer).  Parents/caregivers are expected to participate in order to help their little ones create a calm, safe, fun place for us all to explore yoga and mindfulness.  
Note - this class is held in a perfect spot - you can pop up to the Nazzaro Center playgroup on the 3rd floor before or after class.

Movers and Shakers with Miss Becca
WHO:  Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers along with their caregivers
WHAT:  Wicked fun - 45 min long music and movement classes 
WHEN:  Thursdays,  9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 AM (classes continue on 1/4)
WHERE:  The West End Community Center, One Congress Street, right near Haymarket, and Boston Public Market. 
WHY:  Because it's so much fun!!!!!

This 45 minute class will include music, whole body movement, dancing, and lots of fun!
Fridays (this one is FREE)
Baby Time at the North End Library with Miss Becca
WHO:  Babies, ages 0-18 mos along with their caregivers
WHAT:  Wicked fun - 45 min long stories, rhymes and music with Miss Becca
WHEN:  Fridays in January,  10 AM
WHERE:  The North End Library on Parmenter Street
WHY:  Because it's so much fun!!!!!

This 45 minute session will include stories, rhymes, music and lots of fun!

COST FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE (Baby Time at the Library is FREE) :

PREPAY:  $60/4 class card - card can be used on any of the offerings.  Card can be used by kids from different families.  To purchase, you can buy in person at any class, OR you can email [email protected], OR you can click thru the BUY NOW button below, and pick your card up at your first class.  
Note some of you paid for this current Movers and Shakers session in December.  We'll just transfer the classes you have left to a class card.  THANK YOU all for your patience and understanding as we transition!  It's going to be great, I promise!
DROP IN:  $20/Drop in

Sibling discount for either PREPAY, or DROP IN:  First sibling cost is 100%, second sibling cost is 50%.

Any questions at any time, you'll let me know.

Looking forward to a great 2018!!!!!

All Best,
Miss Becca
Boston Community Collaborative,
Cell:  617-835-4201
Email:  [email protected]
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