Our offerings at SJS - open to all SJS families:
Takes place at SJS during the afterschool program

Start Date 9/19/18, no class 11/21/18, End Date 12/12/18

For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 
Start Date 9/20/18, no class 11/22/18, End Date 12/13/18

Tentative PERFORMANCE date 12/16/18, 2 PM
For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 
Start Date 9/21/18, no class 11/23/18, End Date 12/14/18
Tentative PERFORMANCE date 12/16/18, 2 PM
For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 
Grades K3, K4 and K5, 2:30-3:30
Grades 1 and up, 3:30-4:30
If your older child is not in afterschool, but wishes to attend our classes - let me know.  We will work with each situation separately.  There may be a small extra fee, depending on how many older kids stay immediately after school.
Sibling discount applies - if applies to your family - let me know and I'll get you details


Our offerings outside of SJS – open to all
Open to students from any school, takes place at the Eliot School.  Pick up/drop off available within the N End.

Start Date 9/17/18, no class 10/8/18, end date12/10/18 
For 12 weeks:  $185/child/offering 

For kids in Grades 3 and up , 3:15-4:15 (we gather right at school dismissal time)

If you are interested in joining us this session, follow this link :

Our Fall 2018 performance
For our end of session performance, Sunday, December 16, 2 PM we combine our SJS dance and drama students WITH our students who rehearse at the Eliot into one big production.  

General notes on each offering:
Fitness:  Lead teacher Rebecca Griffin is also a mom of three very active boys.  Becca appreciates the challenges that parents face with teaching our children to live a healthy lifestyle while juggling a busy life. Our goal is to instill some basic understandings of what it means to be fit and fun strategies for staying fit.  Each week we explore a variety of activities that we can do to be fit. Students participate in a number of wicked fun activities including playing with balls, parachute, games of tag, dance games, stretching, and much, much more! 
Drama:  Lead teacher Ingrid Oslund has an impressive resume of all things theatre!  She graduated from Suffolk University with her undergrad, and from Emerson with a Master’s degree in drama.  Each week, Ingrid will be mentoring Sara Kerr and Victoria Isorri in leading the groups in a variety of theatre games and activities. We will perform at the end of the session.   Creativity, confidence, teamwork, audience etiquette, and fun are all things we focus on. 

Dance:  Lead teacher Ingrid Oslund also has an impressive dance resume and has worked with children in Dance in the North End for the past 7+ years.  Ingrid will be mentoring Victoria Isorri in leading the groups each week in several different dances – the styles are Hip Hop, Ballroom basics, and jazz.  We will be performing at the end of the session with the dance classes.